Mechanical & Electrical Designs are increasingly important activities in today's industries & Ship Design practice. The demand of the market for specialized types of ships and the evolution of the on board equipment towards more sophisticated technologies has become a challenge for ship designers, where integration is envisaged as a major factor. Sophisticated Technologies are changing our lives day by day.

Powersys engineering is one of the prominent marine and industrial automation, process control & solution provider in Bangladesh. We provide electrical and mechanical consultancy, design, construction and supervision of various processes. We also provide complete solution to the customers including engineering, procurement and construction. Our engineers, marketing people and technicians are well skilled to satisfy our valued customers. We are always committed to provide our customers quality products and services just in time.

We have deep expertise in optimizing machines to achieve cost efficiencies and environmental performance. In view of the increasingly stringent regulations, we can add value to your business by creating your machines capable of complying with future legislation without need of major reconstruction. The strength of Powersys Engineering is its experts and technologies which will ensure safety, cost optimization and modern design of your machinery equipment.

To compete in today's market; a company must make every effort to keep costs down and revenues up. Powersys Engineering can provide the solutions cost effectively, without sacrificing the quality. We can also supervise your ships during construction period. All of our directors have experience of building IACS certified ships.